GreyCare HMIS


GreyCare is an EMR package that can be used in Dispensary, Health Center, District or National hospital for patient’s records and administrational needs of the hospital.  GreyCare developed in Tanzania to suit the needs of Tanzanian hospitals but it has a flexibility to be customized and work perfectly in any hospital environment even outside Tanzania boundaries. It can work fine in both private and public health facilities. This package has been in the market for the past two years. It has all the required features to run a hospital or clinic smoothly and hassle free.

General Features

  • Multi tasking ability which allows users of the system to do multiple tasks at the same time without exhausting the computer
  • Allows unlimited creation of security groups. Within each security group you can grant access to different functionalities exposed by the system. This allows users of the system to see only the modules/functions they are assigned to making the system simple and less complicated to users.
  • GreyCare has reports for each module in the system and also allows customizable reports to be added as per requirements
  • Support of modern hardware like Barcode readers, thermal printers etc.
  • The package supports interoperability in which data from GreyCare can either be exported or directly linked to another application for data exchange e.g. DHIS –government reporting engine
  • Easy to use interface allowing users with minimum computer basic skills to easily use the package in daily activities.

GreyCare Modules

  • Patient registration (OPD and IPD)
  • Patient billing
  • Nursing
  • Doctor consultation
  • Laboratory management
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Theater
  • Pharmacy management
  • Store management
  • Reports